Lotus Greenhouse Shutting Down – And What That Means For Me..

So if you login to Greenhouse now you will see a note saying that it will be retired in late 2015 or early 2016.  Although IBM have always said Greenhouse was a temporary environment and I assume they now want people using the Connections Cloud environment, this is going to be a big loss.   I’m hoping they have plans to replace the community that exists there.  I’m hoping even more they have plans to put the Solutions Catalog which is the only place to find downloads of the Connections plugins and even Connections Mail.  That last one makes me very twitchy.

…. Plus taking away Greenhouse removes the option for potential customers to test technology before committing (oh yes unless they have a cloud account, which isn’t so easy to get).

You have a plan for all of this right IBM? Like migrating everyone to a new environment where the solutions catalog still exists?  Like moving all the beta and idea discussion forums somewhere we can still get at them ?  Right?

7 thoughts on “Lotus Greenhouse Shutting Down – And What That Means For Me..

  1. Very weird. I logged in and am not seeing anything yet. Granted, I live in the catalog section of the Greenhouse site.

    • OK nevermind, I see the message from the link in Scott Miller’s blog post. That makes me really sad. What are they going to do with the Solutions Catalog and all the stuff not living inside Connections?

    • Chris Miller yes ? I really hope they have a plan for the communities and solutions catalog. Where do we download this stuff now?

  2. This seems disastrous !

    I have been using Greenhouse multiple times to test items in the Social Business Toolkit.

    How am I gonna continue with that? Set up my own Connections installation? This does not seem to be an option (no administrator)

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