There Has To Be A Better Way

I subscribe to IBM notifications for software. That means that every day I receive at least two, or more usually 4 notifications.  The reason I receive more than one? I apparently have two accounts on the IBM site, one for my email address which lets me open PMRs and see technotes and one for my IBM ID which  lets me download software and log into Partnerworld. Let’s not go there. I’ve spent 2 years escalating that to get it resolved and am now accepting of it 🙂

I have a customer who today reported NSDs on the HTTP task - well I know they are on the very latest fixes and patches so when I get a software report this afternoon with titles like “DOMINO SERVER CRASH ON HTTP” obviously I immediately want to go look at a new problem.  Unfortunately when I click on the link in the email I am told to login to the IBM Site before I can see the problem.  When I do that (and use the wrong ID) it tells me I’m a member of Partnerworld but not allowed to see technical support documents.  So I shut down my browser and try again with the other ID.  Finally the document opens up and this is what I see

Local fix
Problem summary
Problem conclusion
Temporary fix
This APAR is associated with SPR# PEJA9ZXRWJ.

That’s right. Nothing.  No problem detail, No Domino version or OS detail, No resolution. Nothing.  I click on the next problem in the email and get a similar technote.

I want to help IBM support their customers, I want to support my customers.  If there isn’t more information just don’t publish the technote because at this point it’s not a technote, it’s just a problem.  I have problems.  I hope that IBM only tells me of solutions.

Surely there’s a better way ?