Determining Connections Versions

As I start a new Healthcheck today I thought I’d share a tip with you.  One of the first things I do when coming clean to someone’s Connections environment is try and determine what’s installed, including CRs and fixes.  Installation Manager is good at telling you what it installed but less so if you installed fixes outside of its interface.  There are other methods too like checking the version logs and reading the about.jsp, but it can be fiddly to piece together all the information.

One of the best resources I’ve found is an IBM technote from this July which shows how to identify exactly what fixes and CRs are installed.  The most comprehensive is updateSilent which produces a report on screen of every version, CR and iFix.  Here’s the table of what each utility can do.

The updateSilent utility is run from with the updaterInstaller directory under your Connections install and the command is:

sh updateSilent (bat or sh depending on your OS) -fix -installDir <ConnectionsInstallDir>

You may have to set WAS_HOME first before it will run so my commands in Linux are:


export WAS_HOME

sh -fix -installDir /opt/IBM/Connections

It will then output to screen every CR and iFix that exists.