That Scream You Just Heard? Thanks Apple

<still screaming>

I take screenshots probably 30x a day every day. Sometimes to a file (CMD-SHIFT-4) and sometimest to the clipboard (CMD-CTRL-SHIFT-4). Imagine my delight when I got my new Macbook Pro and discovered I could add the “screenshot” icon to my touchbar.  No more key combinations, just press the touch bar.  After presssing the touch bar it shows me options of clipboard, desktop, documents etc and remembers what I last used.

What a great feature.  Until it wasn’t.

Apparently Apple “thought” that those touchbar settings should always and with no warning override the keyboard options.  Here I was in a presentation this morning taking about 100 screenshots (laptop closed using external monitor) CMD-SHIFT-4 only to discover none of them NONE OF THEM were on my file system because apparently Apple now use the touchbar settings (which I can’t see with the laptop closed) to override any keyboard settings.

There’s no excuse for that terrible assumptive UI behaviour.  None.  Hopefully this saves someone else the same pain and I’ll revert to using Skitch where I need to be certain.

2 thoughts on “That Scream You Just Heard? Thanks Apple

  1. I’ve avoided the touch bar like the plague because I surmised (apparently correctly) that it would be just as flimsy as those media keys one sometimes get on keyboards. These worked well until the software stopped being updated. Give me a mechanical keyboard with an escape key and my precious F keys. And don’t trust developers, we’re a wily lot

  2. Apple knows better, so shut up. (Running for cover).
    There might be a supersecret setting that allows both. Some pset, the Apple equivalent of the Registry. Let us know if you discover it.

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