Up Next: Zurich (SNOUG) & Philadelphia (Social Connections)

Over the next few weeks I’m pleased to say I’ll be presenting at two very different events and both with new content.

At the IBM Center in Zurich on April 18th I will be presenting on configuring Domino for Docker as part of SNOUG (the Swiss Notes User Group).  This is a new presentation that both introduces the concept of Docker and details the architectural decisions for deploying Domino along with some design suggestions.

Later in the month on the 26th and 27th of April I’ll be once more presenting with the Social Connections team in Philadelphia.  I’ll be doing three very different sessions, one technical, one business and one social.

Technical: An Introduction To The DMARC SMTP Validation Requirements

Business: How To Approach GDPR Preparation & Discovery

Social: Reaching Across The Aisle To Become A Different Kind Of Champion
jointly presented with Wannes Rams

My trip to Zurich is only a few hours but I have much more time in Philadelphia and hope to get some museum visits in - the Museum of Art, the Barnes and the Rodin are all on my wish list.

Now back to finishing these presentations…