What’s A Conference Without A Dolphin Rotunda?

Those of you that understand the heading to this post know what I mean but for those that don’t.. through 20+ years of Orlando IBM conferences around ICS products, the general gathering place, the place where you’d sit and catch up with people walking by, the place where you could always go to find someone to talk to – was the Rotunda in the lobby of the Dolphin hotel.

This year at Think in Las Vegas there is no Dolphin hotel and no rotunda but I believe we still need a gathering place.  A single location where people can go, get a drink and meet up or catch someone walking by.  Having been to Vegas a lot (don’t ask) and InterConnect last March, I’m suggesting this place – Mizuya at the Mandalay Bay https://www.mandalaybay.com/en/restaurants/mizuya.html

It’s right outside the conference entrance so probably a <5 minute walk

It is basically a bar that opens at 11am and serves sushi all day

It has a live band in the evenings

It doesn’t have to be that place (I’m open to suggestions) but I think we need to put our stake in the ground and choose “A PLACE” so everyone knows where to go and where to find each other.



9 thoughts on “What’s A Conference Without A Dolphin Rotunda?

  1. Sushi and bar you say? I’m in.

  2. Great idea! Let’s make this our watering hole.

  3. OK 11am sounds a bit late to me for beer *SMILE* => I’m in 🙂

    Good idea Gab!

  4. Unfortunately, I don’t see us going any time soon. Hope y’all have a good time! And yeah, I definitely agree with the singular meeting place idea. 🙂

  5. Starting to think i should have gone

  6. Sounds interesting.
    Of course, there’s the rotunda in Second Life? 😉

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