Champions Expertise - 2018 Technology

IBM Champion Expertise presentations are a new initiave we are starting this month whereby Champions can provide audio presentations on a particular topic.  This month is “2018 Futures and Technology” and here is my presentation on what I think is going to be big for 2018, containerisation vs virtualisation and where it goes next.  This presentation has audio and I tried to keep it short but feel free to double speed me if 14 mins is too long.

I mention in my presentation that I have a more detailed presentation on docker architecture on slideshare and if you want to see that it’s here.  I’d also be grateful for any feedback on the length, style or other aspects of the presentation and what you think of the Champions Expertise idea.

2 thoughts on “Champions Expertise - 2018 Technology

  1. Not simple in 14 minute to give an overview about these new technologies, Would be great if we can spent for the future 14 minutes or 20 about each argument. Thank you for your knowledge sharing!

  2. I like the idea (which simultaneously makes me glad I’m not an IBM Champion at the moment because I’m up to my neck busy :-))

    I like the execution and I don’t know if you’ve settled on 15 mins or so as the format but it can be easily incorporated in a lunch break or other break.

    I’m particularly interested in microservices from the point of view of making (where appropriate) applications more flexible, more easily maintainable and scalable.

    I use Domino to run servlets and DOTS tasks packaged as OSGI plugins. Domino has proved quite reliable for this (provided I write nice code). Echoing a point of yours I’d like to be able to run them in (Domino HTTP) containers.

    I’ll probably buy this course as a result of your talk

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