Before second guessing IBM try a CTRL-F

A new press release just appeared from IBM announcing extending support for Domino 9, Notes 9, Traveler 9, Sametime 9.0 and Designer 9.0.1 amongst others.

Now do me a favour, before you do anything else,  press CTRL-F and look for the word “END”.  You won’t find it.  This is extending not ending support.

Now could IBM have done better by using the words “at least” – in my opinion yes but since I assume the document was minutely inspected by IBM lawyers, it can’t make any open ended promises.

We live in a world of fast changing technology and many of us work with technologies that are 20+ years old.  Who knows what will happen next year, in 2 years or in 5 years.  That’s a good thing.  We should embrace changing technologies that match how we, our environment and our work evolves. Every change offers an opportunity but today and for the foreseeable future it should be enough that Notes and Domino aren’t dead and they aren’t predicted to die anytime soon.

Not even in 2021.


5 thoughts on “Before second guessing IBM try a CTRL-F

  1. Shhhh you are talking sane things here …. its not allowed you know, you have to say “notes is dead”

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  3. But by omission what we didn’t hear was ‘IBM will enhance the product’. Notes is dead. Domino probably not.

    • You are confusing your opinion (Notes is Dead) with – you know – actual facts. I prefer facts. The fact is that the product is supported at least until 2021. In technology terms that a long time and certainly not anyone’s definition of “Dead” but then you’ll have to excuse me if I’ve had 20 + years of cassandra’s saying that.

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