Icon UK & Spark Ideas

I’m very pleased to say that i’ll be speaking at Icon UK being held in London from Sept 15th - 16th at IBM South Bank.  The only user group event all year I get to travel to from home..

I have two sessions, plus Nerd Girls are doing a combination Sparks and panel on the first day and I’ve signed up to do speedsponsoring which may be about Traveler performance. Or Domino tips.  Or something…

Domino at the back, party in the front - choosing the right UI for mail
Day 1 @ 2.50pm
How often do you hear that the business is discussing moving mail platforms because “our users want X” where X is nothing to do with the server and everything to do with the client UI. Domino remains the best mail server available but often user dissatisfaction drives a move and that comes from being asked to use the wrong client or from a bad deployment. If you’re using Domino you have an ever expanding range of clients to choose from browsers, iNotes, Verse, Traveler with iOS integration, Android applications, POP3 and IMAP. Come to this session to learn how to find the right client to fit the business and keep your Domino infrastructure.  

Choosing The Right Path - What Kind Of Technologist Are You?
Day 2 @ 11.50am
How do you present yourself and your skills to others? Do you talk about products you work with or your technical skills? You may consider yourself an IBM developer or admin but the brand is less important to your career than the knowledge you have. In this freeform session we’ll discuss how to identify and highlight the skills you use every day that make you stand out and then use that understanding to decide what to learn next. Come along and join in the discussion

Nerd Girls - Spark Ideas
Day 1 @ 1.15pm
We are bringing  the very popular Spark Ideas to Icon UK, celebrating everyone’s uniqueness , what drives us to create our own path. We are once more looking for  people who want to talk on any subject important to them, that’s interesting, fun and hopefully inspirational. Oh and that lasts 6 minutes 🙂   We hope you will grab the opportunity to  speak especially if you never have before.

If you want to see what Sparks is all about,  take a look at our Vimeo channel of previous sessions

Contact me with your ideas or if you need help deciding what might work or just if you wonder what this is all about.  

I hope to see you there ..


MWLUG Presentations & Wrap Up

After serveral weeks travelling around the US doing work and visiting friends we ended up in  Austin for MWLUG.  Another great event organised by Richard Moy and the team with lots of great sessions including Scott Souder’s session on IBM Verse, more on Project Toscana and Ben Langhinrichs’ on Data Visualisation which is an area I’m working a lot in right now.

I had three presentations during the conference and ended up doing four to fill in for a session that was cancelled at the last minute.  The Adminblast session I gave was one I hadn’t looked at in over a year until 20 minutes before I started so we all went on a magical journey discovering what I meant to say on each slide as it appeared.

Austin was a great town which I didn’t get to see enough of but luckily we arrived early on the Saturday before the rains started and walked around enjoying the bars and the music. Of all the amazing food on offer I will miss the Vegan Nom taco truck the most. Now to try and reproduce those flavours at home…

IBM Traveler, Management and Security


The SSL Problem and How To Deploy SHA2 (with Mark Myers from LDC Via)


Adminblast Emergency MWLUG Session (original co-authored with Paul Mooney)


Deploying Instant Messaging For Mobile Devices