Icon UK - One Week Away

Icon UK starts in London this time next week and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to see friends and talk about new ideas and new technologies.  I’m also doing two sessions this year both of which I’m really pleased with

On Tuesday at 10.20 I’m presenting “Planning and Completing An IBM Connections Upgrade” - this covers everything from patching DB2 to completing a side by side Connections 4.5 - 5 Upgrade.  It could easily run to 300 pages as a detailed technical presentation but instead I’m going to talk about how to plan, how to backup, in what order to do things and most of all - the things that can trip you up.  I tried a similar presentation at MWLUG for the first time and decided it was too wordy so I’ve taken another run at it in a different style -

Then straight after that - because I assume this is some kind of test - I’m presenting, with Mark Myers, a discussion around adapting to changes in technology  This session is about my experiences as an admin, Mark’s as a developer and both of ours as consultants in embracing the “new”.

A Consultant’s Story - Changing Your Technology
The Domino community is a vibrant, passionate world, but the market reality is now hard to ignore. You may be looking at the marketplace as it stands and thinking about the future. You may have spent a long time becoming well known in a technology set, only know to find it is going away. In this informal session come share your stories and here why you’re a lot more valuable than you may think you are. Expect a love of the Domino platform, a good dollop of positivity and a bit of painful honesty.

Plus it’s a great location on London’s South Bank and the Gala Party on Tuesday night (free to all attendees) is at the amazing 1918 HMS President currently decorated as a Dazzle Ship on Embankment.

All profits from Icon UK go to the Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity so if you haven’t registered yet,  go here to sign up and join us.

See you there