Have Your Say - What Would You Like To See As A 2016 Event?

There’s a community led effort underway to get some feedback on what people who traditionally would come to Lotusphere/Connect(ED) would most like to see in 2016.  This is unauthorised by IBM but there are lots of options under discussion by them, by various user group leaders and other imaginative and enthusiastic people in our community.  Basically no-one wants to let an annual global event go away.   This has boiled down to a single question survey that is anonymous, requires no login and will take you about 10 seconds to complete.

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One thought on “Have Your Say - What Would You Like To See As A 2016 Event?

  1. I was at the St Louis User Group meeting last week. I do not want to put words in anyone’s mouth, but here is an item I heard form different people. Please keep the outside presenters. I have not been to other IBM Conferences, but it appears that the outside presenters is not a trait of the other conferences. This is a great source of real world technical knowledge that would be a great loss.

    The other thing that was unanimous in our group is that the conference should be held in Branson. I doubt that choice of location will be shared by any other group, but it is worth a nomination.

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