Engage UG In Ghent A Session And Rowdy Lunch

I’m very happy to say that Theo and the Engage.ug team have chosen one of my sessions (I sent in far too many submissions - sorry Theo!) to present this March in Ghent.   If you haven’t registered, it’s a great (FREE) European conference with a packed schedule and I can’t recommend it enough.  Go on and click the link above.  I’ll wait.

At 9am on Tues 31st in Room B I’m presenting “How To LDAP - Working With External Users In Connections ” where I attempt to show you all the options for adding and managing external users in your IBM Connections environment.

This isn’t the same session I did recently at ConnectED because I believe that attendees need some more detail on LDAP itself before they can make good decisions on how to configure and deploy it for external users so I’m modifying the presentation to add more technical grounding in LDAP to give context before moving on to external user configuration.  I hope you enjoy it.

I’m also doing a lunchtime session on Monday with Paul Mooney on “Changing your Technology”.  How do you adapt to changes in technology and how can you identify and harness the skills you take for granted?

“The Domino community is a vibrant, passionate world, but the market reality is now hard to ignore. You may be looking at the marketplace as it stands and thinking about the future. You may have spent a long time becoming well known in a technology set, only know to find it is going away. In this informal session, Paul Mooney and Gab Davis will share their own stories and explain how you’re a lot more valuable than you may think you are.  Expect a love of the Domino platform, a good dollop of positivity and a bit of painful honesty”

….We’re in Room A at 12.45 on Monday, bring lunch and shots of tequila..