Connections 101 - A new updated guide to installing IBM Connections 5.5

Gabriella Davis here at Turtle has started a new edition of the Connections 101 blog at a new site - - which runs through installing and configuring the latest version of IBM Connections.

It’s been a fair while since Paul Mooney and Gabriella published the first edition of Connections 101 so this new site is an update focusing on installing IBM Connections 5.5.

As Gabriella writes: ‘The purpose of this site remains the same… take people from non-WebSphere and non-Connections backgrounds through an install of a Connections lab environment.  Being  an engineer and a trainer, I love to write and to present so that’s what I’m hoping to do here. This isn’t intended to be complicated, it’s not intended to cover all possible options, it is intended to teach you enough to get you started.

So far the new edition of Connections 101 has covered:

  1. Time To Download Take 2
  2. Step 1: Preparation And Design
  3. Linux Setup And Tools
  4. Organising The Software
  5. Installing DB2

You can see all these articles over on

We hope you find these articles useful - and please stay tuned as there will be more to follow!

Gabriella has also been selected to speak at Connect 2016 in Orlando next week and if you are coming along to one of her sessions then please say hello.

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  1. Thanks to Gab and team for being so awesome for the community and sharing this work. Much appreciated.

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