Great Geek Challenge - Connect 2014

If you’ve been to IBM Connect (formerly known as  LotusSphere) in the past 3 years you may have heard of the Great Geek Challenge organised by the Nerd Girls.  On Tuesday night of the conference we take over the Fountain restaurant at the Dolphin hotel (the one that sells Ice Cream) and have a fun, loud, stupid, competitive, quiz evening.  Carl Tyler and Paul Mooney have been hosting the past few years and although we are limited by the capacity of the restaurant and the number of events on a Tuesday night, we’ve packed the place out every year.

If you’ve been you know how much fun it is (hopefully) if not - well trust me , it is.  We provide prizes and free food and drink, courtesy of our sponsors. The GGC has never made a penny in profit in its 3 years.  It’s done purely to give our friends an opportunity to have some fun.

This year I’m  starting off by trying to find out if people would be interested in us doing the GGC again and if sponsors want to contribute*.  I hate asking for money and if there’s no interest in sponsoring or attending I won’t put any of us through that 🙂 I did consider asking for contributions on the door but it just doesn’t feel right.  A quick poll seems like a good idea here..

Hope to see you in Orlando in January

The LDC team - having a good time . No really, they were.