Let’s try that again

Hello there … Well apparently I haven’t blogged in some time, at least not publicly.  I’ve written countless ones in my head but somehow (let’s call it time passing too quickly when you’re busy) they never made it from my head onto the page.  That’s a shame, if only for me, because the past year has been full of learning and doing and (oh my!) PMRs and Sametime and Connections and Tivoli and SSO and Cognos and DB2 and Filenet and DON’T FALL ASLEEP AT THE BACK.

So, things discovered and lessons learned that I’d like to write up so I don’t have to learn them twice.  Plus random stuff that needs to leave my brain and be free.    Expect to see both Mike and Tim posting updates here too, but first I need to write about Sametime 9 because I’ve been biting my tongue for months and there’s much goodness coming your way that I can now talk about. Enough in fact that I needed to start a new blog just to share.

More very soon…