Nerd Girl Badges - Your Votes Please

As some of you may know the Nerd Girls group has produced lots of badges in the past which we’ve handed out at conferences including Connect around the world.  We haven’t produced new ones in a few years and we would like to do that again with a plan to have them available at IBM and non-IBM events as well as available to order on other items from a zazzle shop.

I’d like to thank the team of Kathy Brown, Maria Enderstam, Amanda Bauman, Wannes Rams, Francie Tanner, Katie Harrison, Jamie Magee and especially Jennifer Stevenson who managed to turn our ideas into the images below.

We hope to produce the images in badge format and in some cases decal format for sticking on cars or computers so we’d like some feedback from you. With Connect fast approaching we hope to have them to hand out to attendees there.

For each image please let me or any of the team know via comment or twitter , email or anything else and spread the word

  1. Do you like it
  2. Would you wear it / gift it as a badge
  3. Would you wear it / gift it as a decal
  4. Do you have an event you would like to distribute these at

Please bear in mind the materials aren’t sponsored in any way so we may have to make some hard choices about what and how many are produced to fit within our budget but we hope you like them all 🙂


We think this works as both badge, decal and t shirt


The guys said they would wear “if i were a girl I’d be a nerd girl”. We think this works as a badge


We think this works as badge and decal .. possibly t shirt


this is slightly off brand but it replaces our ‘my daughter is a nerd girl” as a badge

We think this would work well as a decal for either computer or car

5 thoughts on “Nerd Girl Badges - Your Votes Please

  1. I like the last two badges. The only suggestion I can come up with is have Nerd Girl Power instead of Nerd Girl Proud. I help out with a summer camp for gifted kids. I will be ordering a few things from the Zazzle shop. Thanks for the great work.

  2. Great work. Love the last one.

  3. I like the last one and the Keep Calm one, and yes, I’d buy them both.

  4. Can’t wait for the shop to be open! My Nerd Girl is taking a STEM class, and it’s all starting to click for her! She’s building her own PC this year! I’m a proud Nerd Girl Dad! Thanks for doing this!!!

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