Spark Ideas - Connect 2016

This year at Connect in Orlando the Nerd Girls and IBM once more hosted the Spark Ideas session where we ask people to talk for around 6 mins on any topic they like.

This year we had some great from changing career to changing country, to dealing with large life changes to growing your own vegetables. We managed to get the sessions recorded* and we have now uploaded them into a youtube playlist for you to enjoy.

I hope you find them as entertaining, enlightening and moving as the audience in Florida did.  A huge thank you to Amanda Bauman, Jamie Magee, Ginni Saini, Chris Miller, Lauren Maxwell, Theo Heselmans, Mat Newman and Carolyn Pampino for so generously sharing

*apologies to Mitch Cohen who took the raw video as I then edited them and uploaded them. Any issues with the video are entirely down to me.  Thanks Mitch!