Off To Florida – Where I’ll Be

I’m sat here thinking about packing, I’ve also just rush ordered some headphones from Amazon for delivery tonight (PSB M4U 1 on a special sale deal),  had a new IMuto charger delivered (20 quid bargain) and am constantly refreshing my weather app set to Orlando.. that must mean it’s nearly time to get on a plane and start my journey to IBM Connect

After 21 years it’s amazing everything still feels new and exciting but it’s a new location (the Hilton Orlando), I have lots of new content, a new co speaker (waves at Mark Myers) and I’m going to get to spend lots of time with some of you I never get to see.. so in case you want to see me here’s where I’ll be


BALD (Bloggers meet up) – at least I think it’s happening at the Hilton around 3pm. Keep an eye on Bill Malchisky’s blog for more details.


6pm Opening  Showcase and Speedgeeking

7pm Welcome Reception


11.30am in Lake Eola A #1086

I will be presenting on security with Mark Myers (we may have to miss the last part of the keynote to make sure we’re in place in time)

Our session will focus on the recent SSL vulnerabilities and how to create and deploy a SHA2 certificate (#1086)


2.30pm in Florida 4 we are doing Spark Ideas #1120

This year I’m just hosting but we have some amazing speakers and content including

Theo Heselmans: Keeping Up – Explorations Into A Smarter World
Jamie Magee: The Urban Gardener
Mat Newman: Nurturing the Nerdy Child
Carolyn Pampino: Hearts wide open: Respecting our parents wishes
Chris Miller: When Three Weeks Changed Everything
Amanda Bauman: From shy girl to nerd girl in 7 weeks!
Lauren Maxwell:
From Opera to IT: Career Improvisation and Unlikely Paths
Ginni Saini:  Relocating From India to America – Choosing Change & Facing Challenges

5.15pm in Lake Mizell AB.  How To Plan & Complete Your Connections Upgrade #1084

It’s the last session of the day before everyone heads to Universal for the party and I’ll be presenting on how to plan and complete a Connections upgrade including to 5.5 and its day 1 fixes. I’ve spent the past few weeks buiding new installs of 5.5 in labs and documenting it for Connections101 as well as discovering some surprises along the way..


Harry Potter @ Universal Studios


Jus’ hanging around the Hilton going to sessions and saying goodbye to people 🙂

I am trying not to organise too much ahead of time so make sure you reach out to me (email is best) if you’re around

See you there

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  1. Looking forward to seeing you there next week! 🙂

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