Connections CCM Problems - Libraries not “quite” working

My 2nd PMR this week was for Connections and Content Manager.  I had already installed FileNet in the test environment for this customer and the only difference between test and production was really the number of servers with CCM having its own dedicated VM.  The install completed and I tested uploading files, editing files, clicking “like” etc and it all seemed OK so I handed it over to the customer.

Turns out there was a problem.  No library , once created, could be edited.  Not the title, not the security, nothing.  Any editing threw up an error

All the installs were correct.  The updates had applied OK.  The correct versions of FileNet were running.  We even checked the security on the ICObjectStore in FileNet’s ACCE administration interface.  Nothing looked wrong but the error message was strange

“The requested approval  action could not be performed because the library, CCM Libraries, is not enabled for document approval. The library’s repository, ICObjectStore, might not have the document approval addon installed, or the library might not be a teamspace. Contact your administrator and report this error message”

As part of the investigation trying to find out what was wrong (and whilst waiting for L3 to review) I saw this option when I right clicked on the ICObjectStore in ACCE - add on features.  


So , whilst we waited, the IBM support guy (can I name him here?) sent me a list of all his add ons and I compared them to all of mine and sure enough about 8 were missing.  I added those and everything started working.  Why those 8 failed to install is another matter since all the logs said everything installed fine.  Interestingly at this customer we’ve had trouble deploying applications in the past due to network timeouts between the Dmgr and other servers so I do wonder if that was it (for instance CR3 seemed to install but several of the applications were corrupted when we tried to use them and I had to install them again manually).

An interesting one and a nice easy fix.  I’ve added screenshots below of all the add ons we should have had so you can compare if you find a similar problem.