Connections 5 Worksheet - In Case It’s Useful

The IBM wiki and now Knowledge Centre publish a worksheet you can use when installing Connections to help document your work.  I have used  this,  or a version of this,  when I’m doing installs but unfortunately although the wiki (4.5) version can be copied / pasted straight into Excel and retain its table format, the Knowledge Centre Connections 5 one here  doesn’t format properly when I take it into a spreadsheet.  Rather than spend time trying to work out how to fix it I created my own spreadsheet and since I’m using it this week for another install I thought it would be useful to share here.

It’s in Excel format, one tab per product.  Fill this in as you install and you have ready made documentation.


2 thoughts on “Connections 5 Worksheet - In Case It’s Useful

  1. If I could reach you, I would hug you! I will definitely be needing this when we migrate to Conn5. Thanks so much for sharing this! 😀

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