Engage Redux

This week we were at Engage in the Netherlands presenting, learning and meeting up with customers and friends. Another big thank you to Theo, Hilde and Femke for all the work they put into this event, by my count of hands during the keynote around 20% of attendees were there for the first time which is fantastic.

The word of the conference from HCL was “Evolve” and even I came away surprised by several of the technical projects HCL have progressed, including Volt, Sametime and Nomad for web. Each of those deserve their own blog entry so I’m publishing those individually alongside this one.

Sametime Meetings

Nomad Web

My presentation at Engage was around the delivery of the Discussions template for Nomad phone and tablet, a project I have been co-ordinating since last year. We had more technical issues with the projector and cables than I’d like, so thank you if you came along and watched the purple-tinged version, and here is the original. There is also a technote published by HCL on Wednesday containing both the template and a whitepaper detailing the design and code elements. I hope you find it useful https://t.co/o4LtwQo8jk.

3 thoughts on “Engage Redux

  1. Wonderful work !

    – John

  2. This is looking really good!

  3. I really like it when an Android app notices I change the screen orientation, and adjusts the presentation accordingly.

    Trying to think this through I realize this is really hard to pull off gracefully. All the more reason for a nice example of how to do this in a public template so us ordinary developers can stand on the shoulders of giants…

    One possible direction is initially present the app in the orientation it is started in, but also prepare for the other orientation. There are only two orientations, portrait and landscape, after all.
    And if you already take into account that the app should present nicely on both a narrow phone screen (portrait) and on a wider screen (tablet), the design work should have already been done.
    This does pose an extra load on the designer that you always need to think about what should I do when the user flips the screen, but it I think that the enhanced usability would benefit all.

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