Perfect10 - Building A Test Lab

In the 10th edition of my Perfect 10 webcast I explain how and why to build a test lab so you can get to deploying those products you downloaded today. You did download them right?

I was asked recently to share the slides for all these Perfect10 presentations and to be honest I hadn’t thought of it but it’s a good idea so I’ll be sharing them all this week.

Next up: Let’s Talk Domino v10 & Admin

11 mins

5 thoughts on “Perfect10 - Building A Test Lab

  1. A couple of questions arising from installing Domino and Notes 10:

    The NSD service is uninstalled upon upgrade of a test server and client. Is it no longer best practice to run nsd as a service? Have I missed that in the webinars about v10?

    We depend on IBM Enterprise Integrator (aka LEI). We experienced some pain upgrading in the 8.5 stream, having to keep the LEI server at an older version for quite a while until the problems were solved.

    I have not heard about a v10 version of LEI. Can I upgrade my 9.0.1 LEI server to Domino v10?

    • Hello Lars. Both questions probably best answered by HCL. You can tweet @HCL-CollabSup.

      NSD is as far as I have seen no longer a separate service although it still exists and runs. LEI I don’t believe was part of the HCL/IBM agreement. I could be wrong on both those things 🙂

  2. You mean @HCL_CollabSup?

  3. from HCL CWP Support


    To clarify, LEI = 853. IEI = 9.x/10.x… IEI 10 will not be available until Q1 2019 so do not upgrade Domino if you have IEI installed. (LEI & IEI must match the server version to be supported.) #HCLCWPSup

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