Path To A Perfect 10 #perfect10

Here’s an intro to a new blog series I am starting to hopefully take us all through preparing for v10 of the ICS products due out later this year.  If you have suggestions for what you’d find useful outside of the things I mention in the video please let me know.  I’ll be using the hashtag #perfect10 for this which I’m sure isn’t used anywhere else and won’t lead to any confusion 🙂

Any feedback as to format is welcome.  Most blogs will have both slide content and video to match as I thought that the most engaging.  I am trying this as a YouTube channel.


4 thoughts on “Path To A Perfect 10 #perfect10

  1. Excellent idea, and I like the video format. As for topics, I’m not sure how to put this, but I wonder if there is a way for companies who have basically been in a holding pattern for several years to start preparing the right skills. I see companies who don’t have any developers who know these products, and have only a skeleton crew for administration. So, aside from the specific preparations, what would a company need to reengage fully in terms of skill sets, for example? Who should they be hiring or training, and in what general technologies aside from the product itself? If they are going to step beyond just keeping it running and really get the value add, they may need ifferent things. Sorry if that is a little vague.

    • Interesting, that’s one of my goals and in fact my assumption but I hadn’t considered talked about specific skills / roles. I realise a lot of on premises customers may not have highly skilled Domino admins on staff anymore and have delegated that role to developers or non Domino admins.

  2. Hi Gabriela, thanks for your video . I am a late newcomer to Dominos and I’d like to start developping on this platform. While I find lot of links on the net, I feel there is no good tuto for entry point Domino dev. (Or I am unable to find them). Do you have some good links to start from scrath on development for domino platforms? thanks in advance.

    • Hello and welcome. Domino as a development platform supports many different languages so your question is a bit “how long is a piece of string”. Whether you are coding for the Notes client, the web or mobile devices your approach and language of choice would be different. That may be why you can’t find a single tutorial because there would be no such thing. I would recommend diving in by looking at some tools from OpenNTF that other people have developed to give you an idea. If you are developing for the Notes client you should read up on Lotuscript and formula language or if you’re developing for the web and have no web development experience start by looking at XPages and javascript.

      Good luck

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