Fidgets.. taps fingers.. waits for the pinkish hue..

Connections 6 including customisable communities and Orient Me - the first component of Connections Pink is due today.

Or this week.

Or in the next two weeks.

Or very soon at least.

Usually I’m not that desperate to be first in line but I am currently writing a presentation about integrating Verse on Premise with Connections and I really really want to write it using a new Connections 6 install….


4 thoughts on “Fidgets.. taps fingers.. waits for the pinkish hue..

  1. Today was announce date and GA is Friday the 31st. Sorry. This is 100% my fault - the press team put today’s date in the press release since the channel announcement was going out today…. but the channel announcement is correct that the date is 31 March. I am so so so sorry that you or anyone are madly clicking away looking for it!

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