Hello IBM? Your Sametime Requirements are borked

The first thing I do when building any product is go check the latest system requirements in case they have changed.  That’s a bit of a challenge with Sametime since the system requirements are (and have been for some time) nonsense.  No reference to WebSphere 8.5.5 and definitely no reference to the fixpacks or even the individual servers.

Try it yourself.  Go here http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg27007792 and click on any of the requirements for 9.0.1 Complete, Communicate or Conference to see what I mean.

Buried in the actual help documentation is the phrase “Restriction: Most of the Sametime 9.0.1 servers that run IBM WebSphere® Application Server require version” but that doesn’t help anyone wanting detailed system requirements or who doesn’t find that page.

If anyone from the ST or documentation team sees this – please fix it.

One thought on “Hello IBM? Your Sametime Requirements are borked

  1. I have attempted the full install of modern SameTime once and only once. While working on it, I’m pretty certain I sent you a number of emails asking how the hell you put yourself through that activity on a regular basis. I came away with the conclusion that IBM didn’t seem to want people to actually use the product because they had made installing and configuring it so difficult. Normally I’m an advocate for hard to manage, difficult to install and unreliable software because my ability to feed and clothe my children is predicated on normal people not wanting or being able to do that work but that configuration and installation is beyond the pale.

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