Upgrading Sametime 9.0.1 – NWTL

I have been participating in IBM’s New Way To Learn (NWTL) initiative with presentations around Sametime 9.0.1.  The presentations are done online and recorded so they can be viewed later and are available with the audio recordings to anyone who joins the NWTL IBM Community.  If you want to watch the presentation and see other great NWTL presentations you can join the community here http://bit.ly/1XXakab

My  first presentation which was last week was on how to upgrade your Sametime 8.5.2 or 9.0 environment to Sametime 9.0.1.  The slides without the audio are on Slideshare and shown below.

In this recorded online session we looked at all the options to upgrade your existing Sametime environment to Sametime 9.0.1. Whether you have only a single Community server on an early Sametime version or an entire infrastructure including audio and video on 9.0 we outlined how to plan for an upgrade and the pros and cons of doing the work side by side vs in place.

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  1. I’m a little confused on this URL to the slides w/audio –>http://bit.ly/1XXakab
    When I click on ‘Sign up’ to get an account’, I am taken to the “Try IBM Connections and Verse for 60 days’ page. Is this where I join the ‘NWTL community’? This doesn’t look like a ‘community’ to me…. Help?

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