Sametime Audio and Video For External Users – NWTL

Today I did the second in my series of Sametime presentations for IBM’s New Way To Learn (NWTL) initiative.    The session was recorded with audio and is available by joining the Community here . The session slides by themselves are on slideshare and shown below.

If your Sametime environment is going to include Audio and Video you will probably want to be able to talk to people outside your own company, or at least to your own users on their mobile devices who aren’t connected via VPN. In this recorded online session as part of IBM’s New Way To Work initiative we reviewed the infrastructure behind the Audio and Video elements of Sametime and how best to extend those features beyond your firewall.


4 thoughts on “Sametime Audio and Video For External Users – NWTL

  1. Hi – What is the Community called on Connections Cloud? I can’t see it and get ‘access denied’ when I click that link although I’m already logged in. I searched for ‘New Way To Learn’ but got no results.

  2. Questions: Do you know where I can get the Sametime Media Engine for Citrix installs? 🙂

    • It’s part of the Media Server download package. If you extract that you’ll see a folder for the Media engine.Part Number CNAL3ML

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