Connections and Traveler At ISBG

I was delighted to be invited to speak at the ISBG ( conference in Norway which this year was held in Oslo.  I’d like to thank the organisers for being so accommodating to the fact that I could only stay 1 day !

I presented on two topics , Upgrading Connections and Managing Traveler.  The content for both is on slideshare and linked below.  My upgrading Connections session had a lot of new content about 5.5 and 5.5 CR1 and I hadn’t written a Traveler management session from scratch in several years.  I’m not sure how well the audience received them but I am pleased with the content at least.  I hope you find them useful.

So you have IBM Connections installed, but now you need to decide what and when to update. It could be a WebSphere fix or a DB2 fixpack, a new application, a database schema or an entirely new version. Some updates are for security, some for performance and some for new features. In this session we’ll discuss how you can decide when and what to upgrade, how to plan for and perform a safe upgrade regardless of its size, and test when it’s complete. We’ll also discuss what things can trip you up along the way.


Traveler is a core component of most companies’ mail infrastructure, but its maintenance and security goes far beyond Domino server management. In this session we’ll look at a Traveler environment from daily tasks to enforcing TLS and starting with understanding how Traveler behaves. We’ll review both standalone and high availability configurations and discuss common problems, as well how best to plan and design a secure and stable infrastructure.