Whilst You’ve Not Been Looking Something Amazing…

Next week in Eindhoven there is an IBM conference running for two days but if you haven’t been paying attention you may not have noticed what Engage has become and if you don’t act very quickly  - like today quickly, you’ll miss a fantastic and free opportunity.

Started and run by Theo Heselmans , Engage has grown far beyond the original Belgian community and this year - with almost 400 attendees and 85 speakers he’s providing an event for attendees from around the world and another great location - the Evoluon in Eindhoven.   Even if you made it to Florida in January (and especially if you didn’t) what’s awaiting you in Eindhoven is something very new including strategy sessions, round table discussions and content that hasn’t been seen anywhere else.  That includes my session - this year with puppetry (because how better to explain SSL vulnerabilities than by using hand puppets) .

The keynote is being given by an IBM team led by Inhi Cho Suh the new General Manager for IBM Collaboration Solutions, Suzanne Livingston (Group Product Manager, IBM Mail, Chat, Meetings & Social Cognitive Solutions), Chris Crummey (World Wide Executive Director of Evangelism and Customer Experience) and Sara Gibbons (Senior User Experience Designer).  

The round table discussions  are definitely something I’ll be attending too, scheduled 4x each day and each individually hosted by either someone from IBM or an event sponsor. Want to talk to Inhi Cho Suh about ICS strategy? Ed Brill about Verse Deployment or Matt White about extending your skillset to Cloud technologies?  You won’t easily get that opportunity again.

All that is just the beginning, take a look at the full agenda here then RUN don’t walk to try and grab the last 20 or so places before registration closes.

As for me, I’ll be driving over next Tuesday and presenting Thursday morning so I have plenty of time to go to sessions myself and just generally see and talk to people.  If you want to meet up or have any questions to ask me, just email or DM me and we’ll get something organised.

My session is at 11.30 on Thursday morning  is Building & Deploying SHA2 Certificates
If you saw my session with Mark Myers at Connect in January you may wonder if this is the same thing.  It’s not.  For a start I have hand puppets and no Mark.  I hope to explain where to expect your highest risk, how to stay secure by having a strategy and how to generate and actually deploy SHA2 certificates in Domino, WebSphere and IBM HTTP Server.

I hope to see you in Eindhoven !


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  1. I wish I could be there, but I’ll be in Germany in early April and can’t do both. Maybe next year I’ll do this one.

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