THIS is how our community learns, thrives and has fun like no other

In just over two weeks’ time I’m heading to Atlanta for the MWLUG conference.  It’s my first MWLUG visit and this year’s conference is ridiculously packed with technical experts, champions, sponsors and more great content than you’re going to see in person anywhere else in the US this year.  Take a look at this schedule (you’ll see me on it).

4.45 on Thursday I have a Domino session called “What is your server trying to tell you“.  I’ve done similar sessions with this title before but I always update it to talk about the best tools and new tricks I use to manage or healthcheck Domino environments.  It’s great having a pure Domino Admin session so I hope you’ll stick around to catch mine.

11.30 on Friday morning I have a session on “Planning and Completing A Connections Upgrade” whether it’s a version upgrade in place, a side by side upgrade, a fixpack or a cumulative release I’ll talk about how to plan, what to look out for, how not to finish until you’re completely done and deciding when to upgrade and when not.  If you’re thinking of upgrading to CR3 which shipped last week this should be a valuable session.

If you haven’t registered go do that now and i’ll see you there (the weather should be balmy in August yes?) REGISTER

3 thoughts on “THIS is how our community learns, thrives and has fun like no other

  1. Looking forward to seeing you and Tim, and that first session is one I’d definitely like to catch.

  2. Love the zeal. See you in Atlanta! So happy you can make it this year.

  3. I am so looking forward to this. See you there!

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