New Sessions At Social Connections

Here I am at Heathrow heading out to Boston for Social Connections this week.  Held at IBMs Research Centre in Boston Social Connections is focussed around IBM Connections (what else!) software with most sessions lasting only 30 minutes.  That’s a tough trick to pull off in a technical session but I’m taking it as a challenge to get my information across in so short a time.  I’ll be there on Thursday all day and presenting with Terri Warren from IBM on “Who Does Connections Think I Am?” At 4.55pm where we’ll dig into how your identity and directories work.  On Friday I have two sessions - one of 30 minutes on being a Connections Administrator at 12pm and a high speed 15 minute session at 1.30 on Design and how to choose what servers, features and add-ons you’ll need. 

So three entirely new sessions I hope you’ll enjoy - see you there!