Installation Manager Install Fails on Redhat 6.6

Starting a new Connections customer build this weekend I ran into a problem at step 1 - installing Installation Manager. I could install the console version using ./installc but the graphical version would bring up the product selection screen then crash before the license screen with a “JVM Terminated =1”.

After trying various things, new versions of java, using root instead of sudo (a known problem with earlier versions of IIM) I found the technote I needed.  This is a problem caused by a very specific combination of packages

RH6.5 or 6.6

GTK > 2.24

Cairo <1.9.4

Amazing I didn’t catch that right?  To tell what versions you have installed run

rpm -q gtk

rpm -q cairo

If your cairo version is out of date (which mine was) go to and download the latest version of cairo (in my case cairo-1.10.2-3.el6.x86_64.rpm)

then run rpm -U cairo-1.10.2.-3.el6.x86_64 .  Now IIM will run and install fine using ./install

Full details of the technote are here