What’s Up With ConnectED 2015 And What I’m Up To…

So it’s nearly holiday time which means it’s nearly panic finishing sessions time for the great January Florida adventure.  This year the conference is very different, more technical, smaller, modelled on the idea of a user group.  There are plenty of things you know and love like the Best Practices track curated by Susan Bulloch and some new things like the new Beyond track which are technical sessions demonstrating very cool stuff you can do when integrating IBM products with other technologies.


Done? Good…..

This year with things smaller and a bit less frantic it gives us all room (and spaces)  to hang out with friends, exchange ideas, catch up, as well as finalise those plans for world domination.  To me that’s ideal, it’s been years since I’ve had a chance to do the conference at anything less than a flat out pace.

In terms of sessions I’m doing a few things….

In the Best Practices track I have a session on Connections design called

Creating Your Own Connections Confection - Getting The Flavour Right
IBM Connections 5 comes in a variety of exciting flavours - fancy a vanilla install, or maybe you want to add some extra sauce like External users or IBM Docs? A sprinkling of File Viewer and a few Surveys or maybe a dollop of Sametime. In this session we’ll take a look at how to build the right flavour combination of Connections for your business from deciding what features you want through to architecting a solution. We will have plenty of “How Tos” such as how to add external users to your Connections communities securely and what does their experience look like? How much Sametime is just enough? What’s the difference between IBM Docs, File Viewer and EditLive in features and deployment? If you’re new to Connections, planning a move to Connections 5 or even considering what Connections features you might want to add, this is your session, low fat and calorie free!

In the Beyond track I have a session on LDAP and integrating external users into Connections.

Then I am working with Terri Warren @ IBM on a Best Practices session about integrating directory information into Connections applications and single sign on.

Finally I’m on stage with Mat Newman and Susan Bulloch (but let’s be honest, we all know who the stars are here) doing a User / Support / Admin blast type thing (still in formation).

… and then possibly more important than any of that.. SPARK IDEAS is back.  This year we want to hear about who or what inspired you to push past what you thought you could achieve or reach for.  Sparks is always a great session that people seem to really enjoy and yes i’ll be reaching out to some of you looking for volunteers to talk for no more than 6 mins.  If you want to see previous sparks visit our Vimeo channel.  Otherwise please email info@nerdgirlgroup.com or any of the Nerd Girls directly or send me a DM on ping me on Skype.  This could be your very last chance to attend and participate in a Sparks session in Orlando so don’t miss it.

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