Lots of Good News This Morning

I woke up this morning to two pieces of great news.. firstly according to this blog , my session in the Best Practices track at ConnectED has been accepted.  This session is focussed around all the work I’ve been doing with IBM Connections, helping customers choose from all the features and optional extras that are available and how to deploy them.  So I’m hoping you like the idea and that I will see you in Orlando in January…

Oh and my 2nd piece of good news , my IBM Certification as a Connections 5 Administrator came through, making me proudly one of the first to be qualified on this new exam.

Creating Your Own Connections Confection - Getting The Flavour Right
IBM Connections 5 comes in a variety of exciting flavours - fancy a vanilla install, or maybe you want to add some extra sauce like External users or IBM Docs? A sprinkling of File Viewer and a few Surveys or maybe a dollop of Sametime. In this session we’ll take a look at how to build the right flavour combination of Connections for your business from deciding what features you want through to architecting a solution. We will have plenty of “How Tos” such as how to add external users to your Connections communities securely and what does their experience look like? How much Sametime is just enough? What’s the difference between IBM Docs, File Viewer and EditLive in features and deployment? If you’re new to Connections, planning a move to Connections 5 or even considering what Connections features you might want to add, this is your session, low fat and calorie free!


5 thoughts on “Lots of Good News This Morning

  1. Hi Gab,

    great to read, that THIS session was accepted and will be on the agenda !!!
    And congratulations to your certificate - now you have it written down that you’re great !!!

  2. Thank you!. I mean I have that note from my Mummy saying i’m special but this one is official and from IBM 🙂

  3. Congratulations Gab, Awesome 😀

  4. Look forward to seeing this after the event Gabriella. Assuming you post it of course. 🙂

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