Connections .. um Next?

Next week on May 21st sees the launch of IBM Connections Next, coming 14 months after Connections 4.5.  Initially it will be in IBM’s cloud only but by the end of June we will have software to install on site.  That timeline matches IBM’s promise of end of Q2.  This is a major release so everyone is under NDA until May 21st.

If you’re a Connections customer and you don’t have a test environment in place then you are going to want one to validate your customisations, scripts and applications.  As far as your production environment is concerned ,  I don’t know if IBM will support an in-place upgrade, they certainly have before but my preference is always side by side to minimise downtime and risk.  If Connections Next is based upon WebSphere 8.5 (as Sametime is) rather than WebSphere 8.0 then side by side will likely be the only option.  We’ll see if that’s the case when the documentation appears..

The best public information right now is this presentation from Luis Benitez @ Connect 2014

there is also a Q&A with Luis and Suzanne Livingston on May 22nd  you can register for here

In the meantime - enjoy this great trailer for Connections Next 

Exciting things are coming!