Adventures With CCM and Libraries

Recently I’ve run into all sorts of problems deploying CCM for a customer who is running multiple servers.  In this case two of the biggest problems were down to the Filenet application server being different from the Connections application server so I’ll write them up here in case anyone else runs into the same thing.

Problem No.1 CreateObjectStore batch file fails with

“CC0050E CONTENT_FCA_ROOT_DOES_NOT_EXIST the root folder does not exist d:\ibm\connections\data\shared\ccm”

After much checking that the folder was there and did exist and the account running the CreateObjectStore did have rights I realised that it wasn’t looking on the Deployment Manager server (where the Filenet files are installed and where the batch files are run from) but on the WebSphere Application Server designed to run the CCM Application.  That server, which was a completely separate machine,  didn’t even have a D drive. It had an E drive.  Once I was able to create d:\ibm\connections\data\shared\ccm on that second server, the setup completed.

Problem No.2 Principal Name not found when running CreateGCD

This failed multiple times no matter what account we used although we had a specific account set up for CCM called ccm_administrator that had a valid email address and was in LDAP, this kept failing.  I could see the account in LDAP (Domino) , through an LDAP browser and could validate the password but CCM didn’t like it.  In the end we discovered that the site had a filter for LDAP users in Connections that required a certain attribute to be complete, that account didn’t have that attribute set so even though it was a valid LDAP account it wasn’t authorised as a Connections account.  Once that attribute was set the CreateGCD ran perfectly.

Problem No.3.  Mobile app doesn’t display library contents

This is actually a bug which is due to be fixed in a new version of the Connections mobile application (est. end April).  If the CCM application is on a server with a different hostname than the Mobile application, you can see Libraries in the Mobile application and even go into them but you can’t see library contents.  Using a browser on a mobile device works fine.

So that’s it.  A few CCM things that have stalled me or tripped me up in the past few months that I hope you can avoid 🙂

Keeping On Top Of Sametime Fixes

Thanks to Jeffrey Miller @ IBM for posting a blog page with links to all the latest fixes for the Sametime components.  He has offered to keep this up to date and I strongly suggest you bookmark the page (I did) to save trying to navigate through the hundreds of individual items on fix list and work out what supersedes what.