Something Different This Way Comes..

If you’re in the UK (or visiting) and have any kind of interest or background in Collaborative technologies, we, together with our friends at LDC, are putting together a new networking event in London on March 21st.  The agenda can be found on our website and you’ll see we are trying something different (and no-one, least of all us, will be selling to you.)

This is a technologically agnostic networking event for those who work in or are interested in collaborative software. Our goal is to create space for ideas, to learn from others and get a view of how various sectors like cloud, mobility and security are unfolding.

It’s a chance to step back, consider and develop your strategy in the context of others’ experiences. We hope you come along with a willingness not just to listen but also to share.

We have two types of sessions during the day, followed by an evening drink / beers in nearby Soho.

Talking Technical

In this room each event will present two or three speakers who want to offer their views
on a technology and why they like it. We will then open up the floor for further
discussion with the audience who are welcome to ask questions and offer their own
content or viewpoints

Work and Life

This room brings informal discussions and roundtables around a variety of subjects
that effect us all. How do we run our work days, our lives, our downtime and our
interests. How do we get trained, plan work, track work and connect with each other.
Each event will be an open discussion with a moderator working through a series of
prepared questions for the room to open up discussion. The moderators here are not
necessarily subject-matter experts and the audience is expected to participate.

We will have to limit numbers to CSCEvent so if you definitely want to come you can register via  Eventbrite

Hope to see you there!